Aperio and Spectrum Training Resources

Contact: Amanda Koehne, Staff Scientist

Training Type: Self-Directed
Training Format: Video

The following resources are also available once you sign up at the members.aperio.com web site for an account.

Aperio University Videos: http://members.aperio.com/university/video

Quick and easy tutorial on the basics of ImageScope and some Spectrum functions:

  • Annotating digital images in ImageScope
  • Navigating digital slides in ImageScope
  • Viewing and Synchronizing Multiple Slides


Aperio Online Training: http://training.aperio.com/my/

More in depth with tutorial and practice modules:

  • Fundamental of ImageScope
  • Fundamentals of Spectrum Plus
  • Aperio Certified Fluorescence Scanscope Certification Assessment
  • Aperio Certified TMALab Certification Assessment
  • Aperio Certified Image Analysis Certification Assessment


Product Manuals: http://members.aperio.com/support/manual

Includes product manuals for all Image Analysis programs and training modules for Spectrum, TMALab, and Genie.