Specimen Storage

Contact: Jon Digel
Location: Eastlake building E1-305; Fairview Freezer Facility
Contact phone: (206) 667-4645
Contact fax: (206) 667-5590
Contact e-mail: processing@fredhutch.org

Fred Hutch's BioSpecimen Repository provides an alternative for -80oC and liquid nitrogen storage requirements for both small and large scale storage needs. Operation of the repository is coordinated by the Specimen Processing/Research Cell Bank Shared Resource. The state of the art repository is located within controlled space within Fred Hutch's Fairview Freezer Facility. The repository was designed to promote the safe handling, receipt, processing, and storage of biological specimens.

Specimens are stored within a vapor phase liquid nitrogen freezer system which features:

  • Paper documentation of temperature storage
  • Annual validation of all components
  • Bulk supply of liquid nitrogen
  • Daily nitrogen level check
  • Dual temperature recording at 3 points inside of unit
  • 72 hour battery back-up
  • Warning gas Bypass - prevents unwanted warm gas from entering storage area
  • Emergency electrical power backup circuitry

-80oC specimens are housed within Stirling ultra-low freezers. This system features:

  • Monitoring of freezers 24 hours a day 7 days a week by the Engineering Department
  • Emergency electrical power backup circuitry
  • Seattle City Light-supplied power source for backup power redundancy
  • Backup generator to supply power if both power sources by City Light fail.
  • Controlled access to the freezer facility
  • Controlled access to freezers
  • Annual freezer validation performed by Precision Mechanical


Storage is available on a per box basis with appropriate inventory tracking at the 'box' level. Storage containers hold 2 ml vials and 5 ml vials. Storage fees are per box on a monthly basis.

To request long term storage services, complete the Deposit Request form.

The facility is designed for long term storage, thus advanced notice is preferred for sample retrieval. To arrange for the retrieval of samples, please complete the Retrieval Request form. Requests should be submitted at least one week in advance. Pulls are limited to 10 boxes per pull due to limitations of shipping containers.

User fees

Contact Jon Digel for pricing information
(206) 667-4434

Doing Business with Specimen Processing/Research Cell Bank

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