Short Food Questionnaires

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Short questionnaires to assess the consumption of specific foods and/or specific food-related behaviors have been developed and are available for use in research studies. Please contact to obtain permission and pricing information.

Beverage and Snack Questionnaire

The Beverage and Snack Questionnaire (BSQ) was designed to assess the frequency of beverage and snack consumption among youth ages 10-18.

A second Beverage and Snack Questionnaire (BSQ2) is also available. It differs slightly from the validated version due to the inclusion of several additional sweetened beverages.

Caffeine Questionnaire (Supplemental Beverage Questions)

The Caffeine Questionnaire is a list of caffeine-containing beverages available to supplement the general Food Frequency Questionnaire. It can also be used independently of the general FFQ.

Fat-Related Diet Habits Questionnaire

The Fat-Related Diet Habits Questionnaire was designed to assess eating behaviors associated with a low-fat diet. Scoring the questionnaire will give a general idea about respondents' low-fat eating patterns; the lower the score, the lower the dietary fat intake.

Mindful Eating Questionnaire

The Mindful Eating Questionnaire (MEQ) was developed to measure the construct of mindful eating, a nonjudgmental awareness of the physical and emotional sensations associated with eating.

Soy Questionnaire

The Soy Questionnaire was developed to assess the patterns and correlates of soy consumption among postmenopausal women in the United States.