Researcher Profiles

Location: Weintraub Building, B1-010
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In addition to tracking all papers published by Fred Hutch researchers, the Arnold Library provides a researcher profile service.  

This service is being developed in two phases:

1.    Temporary (Current) Solution
Necessitated by a variety of changes made by the former profile vendor, the library now hosts all previously profiled researchers in a temporary home within the library’s website, and merged it with our Fred Hutch authored papers tracking service citation set.  

These interim profiles are live at

2.    Long Term Solution

In the Fall of 2017 we are replacing the temporary solution with more robust software that will allow us to provide profiles that are accurate, efficient to maintain, data rich, and which support researcher collaboration and publication reporting.  Librarians will continue to provide publication tracking which will feed the profile system, realizing increased efficiency around that laborious activity.  We'll collaborate with research administrative personnel to maintain additional profile information.  More information coming soon...