Research Clinic - Population Studies

Process At A Glance

  • Meet with the Prevention Center Administrative Manager.
  • Complete Prevention Center application to establish a client account.
  • Schedule study participants for services.
  • Supply participants with info on how to get to the Prevention Center.
See process details for How to Use the Facility

Contact: Claudia Kumai, P.A.
Location: Arnold Building, ME-B143
Contact phone: (206) 667-2831
Contact fax: (206) 667-1254
Contact e-mail:


Detailed descriptions of all services are in the Shared Resources Prevention Clinic Manual, which is available upon request.

  • Phlebotomy - includes all supplies necessary for blood draw by venipuncture. Studies are required to supply their own collection tubes, forms, and labels.
  • Specimen Processing - simple processing including centrifugation, aliquoting, labeling, mapping and storage is performed for Prevention Clinic clients. The Prevention Clinic provides all supplies.
  • Freezer Maintenance - Daily temperature tracking and verification and deicing as needed.
  • Anthropometrics Measurements - All performed according to protocol, including height/weight, breast circumference, chest circumference, waist/hip circumference, heart rate, and blood pressures.
  • Screening Physical Exams - Basic cardio/pulmonary, abdominal, musculoskeletal, neurological and vascular assessments.
  • Bioelectric Impedance Measurements - RJL Systems Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzer.
  • Phlebotomy Certification - Fulfills Washington State Department of Health, Division of Health Professionals Quality Assurance, observations requirements.

Each research study is unique and may require a unique set or combination of procedures not listed on our general service fee schedule. The Prevention Center staff is available to answer questions and to provide support in the development of new protocols and their service requirements. Prevention Center procedures are available for review by clients inquiring about laboratory and facility services.

See details on using the Research Clinic.


  • Lunar DEXA machine for both bone mineral density and total body composition analysis
  • Secured Pharmacy Room
  • Digital Platform Scale with handrail
  • 8 examination rooms - five outfitted for blood draws by study personnel, two for gynecologic exams
  • 4 interview rooms
  • 1 classroom with audio/visual equipment (16 person capacity)
  • Specimen processing lab:
    • Two refrigerated centrifuges, one regular centrifuge
    • Two vortex mixers
    • Mettler scale
    • Ventilation hood area
    • -40 degree holding freezer and -80 degree holding freezers
  • Phlebotomy room


For any services, a Prevention Center application must be submitted. Clients who plan to use the Prevention Center should include in their consent forms appropriate risk statements based on intervention activities. Consult the Model Risk Statement Document  to identify statements relevant to your study protocol and participant activities.

Please meet with the Prevention Center Administrative Manager prior to completion of the application.