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The Molecular Design and Therapeutics lab offers protein engineering and expression support. Our services include:

  • Design, expression and purification of proteins in mammalian cell lines. Just let us know what you would like to express and we will help design the ideal construct using our customized suite of lentiviral-based expression vectors.
  • Help you clone your constructs into our vectors.
  • Increase the yield of difficult to express proteins using our customized fusion constructs.
    • Express your epitopes as fusions to human, rabbit, rat or murine proteins for downstream immunizations.
  • In vivo biotinylation of your protein using our Freestyle 293-F cells stably expressing the E. coli biotin ligase enzyme to streamline downstream experiments (e.g. Biacore).
  • Multimerize your proteins using a variety of our customized fusion partners.
  • Pilot-scale (≥ 100mL) and large-scale expression (≤ 6L) and purification of endotoxin-free proteins for animal studies.

Since each protein expression project is unique we will help tailor expression strategies to the unique needs of the investigator. We have all the expertise available to assist investigators in designing expression constructs that maximize success.

  • We routinely express:
    • Full length antibodies (heavy and light chains on separate viruses)
    • Single chain variable fragments
    • Cytokines and other secreted proteins
    • Stable domains of larger proteins
    • Ectodomains of transmembrane proteins

Contact our resource staff for initial consultation and project scheduling (206) 667-4172 or fill out our protein science work order.

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Arnold Building, M5-C849
(206) 667-4172