Multiple-day Food Records

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A food record or food diary is a detailed description of all foods and beverages consumed over a period of three to seven days.

Documented Multiple-Day Food Records

The participant records this information at the time of food or beverage consumption in special booklets provided by NASR. Study participants are instructed by trained study staff in food recording procedures, and when complete, meet again with staff to review and document the accuracy of the records.

Undocumented Multiple-Day Food Records

An undocumented food record is similar to a documented food record except that study participants get very little or no instruction on recording procedures and do not meet with study staff to review and document the accuracy of the records.  The data from the food records are entered and analyzed using NDSR and defaults; all entries are reviewed and edited by NASR research nutritionists.

Two studies have evaluated a self-administered 3-day food record protocol that was analyzed both before (undocumented) and after (documented) additional information was obtained. Results of these studies suggest that the use of undocumented food records is feasible for use in large cohort studies. (See sample undocumented multiple-day food record booklet.)

For more information:

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