Karyotyping Human and Mouse Cell Lines

Location: Thomas Building, DE-512
Contact phone: (206) 667-4205
Contact e-mail: imaging@fredhutch.org

Karyotyping is the analysis of chromosomes in a cell. A karyotype determines the number and appearance of chromosomes, and detects chromosomal abnormalities such as missing or extra chromosomes (aneuploidies), as well as a variety of chromosomal aberrations (such as deletions and translocations). The imaging resource offers a limited karyotyping service for research only, for example to test cell lines. We karyotype human cells; other species may be considered. For more details, please contact Dave McDonald.

Human metaphase chromosome spread. Human metaphase chromosome karyotype .

Scheduling time for instruments, training, and support:

To schedule a karyotyping service, please use our karyotyping request form in iLab. Please contact Cellular Imaging for further details.

How to access your data:

Data acquired on Cellular Imaging instruments is transferred to the si folder in the user's Homelink account. If you do not have a Homelink account, please see Data Storage and Archiving for more information. Once you have obtained a Homelink account, please contact Cellular Imaging so that we can create an si link for you. External users without access to Homelink can obtain their data via ftp, or can download to their own data storage device from one of our dedicated computers. Please note that no portable drives are allowed on instrument computers.