Immune-Compromised Mice and Technical Services

Location: Thomas Building, D1-385
Contact phone: (206) 667-5418
Contact e-mail:

We offer the following for human/mouse xenografts:

Immune compromised mice

  • NOD/SCID mice
  • NSG (NOD/SCID; IL2Rγnull) mice
  • NRG (NOD, Rag1null, IL2Rynull) mice

Tumor monitoring

  • Caliper measurement of tumor volume
  • Health checks (including weekends/holidays)
  • Necropsy and tissue harvesting

Live animal non-invasive imaging

  • GFP fluorescence
  • Luciferase luminescence
  • Other imaging modalities (inquire)

Technical support

  • Blood draw, bone marrow aspiration
  • Colony Management
  • Delivery of cells (i.v, subcutaneous, intra-hepatic on neonates, orthotopic, sub-renal capsule)
  • Irradiation, bone marrow transplantation
  • Oral gavage and i.v. drug administration
  • Development of novel mouse procedures

Procedure for using CCEH mouse service:

  • Contact us to request procedure summaries for your IACUC file or grant application, and budget estimates.
  • IACUC: For new applications, check-off question 3.2, “Will the CCEH perform procedures”, and state, “all procedures.”
    • For technical service, include anesthetics and procedure descriptions in your file.
    • Do not name individual CCEH staff in your file or on eSubmission.
    • Contact us to arrange experimental details, sample delivery and dates.

    See our fee schedule.