Hybridoma Cell Line Production and Optimization

Location: 1100 Eastlake Building, E1-140
Contact phone: (206) 667-6612
Contact e-mail: bhoffstr@fredhutch.org

Production and optimization can include:

  • hybridoma cell line production in serum free media
  • gram quantity production of monoclonal antibodies in SFM utilizing an aplastic mouse system
  • optimization of existing cell lines by cloning and quantitation
  • weaning hybridoma cell lines off selection media and into a variety of basal and serum free media for use in mini-bioreactors, immune precipitation or in vivo studies.

Since each hybridoma development project is unique; successful projects will often require that immunization and screening protocols be tailored to the unique needs of the investigator. We have the expertise available to assist investigators in designing the exact screening strategy to produce the desired reagent.

Contact resource staff for initial consultation and project scheduling:
(206) 667-6612.