Process At A Glance

  • Discuss experiment with Proteomics staff
  • Prepare sample
  • Complete services request through iLab
  • Submit samples and form
  • Proteomics runs sample
  • Results sent to investigator

Location: Thomas Building, DE-352
Contact phone: (206) 667-1779
Contact e-mail: proteomics@fredhutch.org

HPLC instrumentPurification, fractionation, and qualitative/quantitative assays of proteins and peptides are performed in the facility by reverse-phase and cation-exchange HPLC. Inquiries into the use other separation modes should be made with the Proteomics Facility.

Sample Preparation

Special attention must be taken to ensure samples are compatible with HPLC. Salts, detergents, and organic liquids need to be removed prior to injection. Additionally, high levels of DMSO are problematic.Please consult with the resource about sample compatibility prior to sample submission.

Sample Submission

Complete your service request form through iLab. Submit a copy of your service request with your samples. If you don't have an account in iLab, you can register for one on the link.


Data generated within the resource are transferred to servers maintained by Fred Hutch's IT department in the researcher's proteomics folder in their 'fred' account. Chromatograms can be provided as Powerpoint or as hard copies.