High Throughput Screening

Contact: Phil Corrin
Location: Eastlake Building E1-310
Contact phone: (206) 667-4670
Contact fax: (206) 667-2825
Contact e-mail: pcorrin@fredhutch.org

The Genomic Shared Resource operates a state-of-the-art High-Throughput Screening laboratory (HTS).  The HTS lab supports four screening platforms:

Screens are facilitated by specialized high-throughput liquid-handling robotics and detection systems, including (select link for more info):

Other detection systems available to Fred Hutch’s HTS lab include:

Investigators interested in screening with the HTS lab should contact the Genomics Shared Resource to set up an introductory consultation.  For questions please contact Jeff Delrow (jdelrow@fredhutch.org or (206) 667-2763) or Jenni Risler (jrisler@fredhutch.org or (206) 667-4670).

shRNA screening

The HTS Facility maintains and distributes clones and pools of plasmid or replication-incompetent lentivirus particles from the human and mouse pGIPZ library.  For more information about the libraries refer to the GE Healthcare website

An online searchable database and ordering system called the RNAi Storefront http://monod.fhcrc.org/rnai/ has been established to facilitate purchase of individual clones, pooled plasmid library sets, gene family sub-library pools, pre-packaged lentivirus pools, and various controls.  Browsing is unrestricted, however, you will be prompted for your HutchNet ID and password to submit an order.  Please contact genomics_IT@fredhutch.org with access or content issues.  Please note that access to the shRNA collections is limited to Fred Hutch labs only.

siRNA screening

The HTS facility maintains and manages the following human and mouse siRNA libraries for well-by-well RNAi screening experiments:

  • Qiagen Human Druggable Genome
    6961 genes targeted by 27844 unique triggers on 89 96-well plates or 23 384-well plates
  • Qiagen Mouse Druggable Genome
    8353 genes targeted by 33412 unique triggers on 102 96-well plates or 26 384-well plates
  • Qiagen Human Transcription Factor
    2254 genes targeted by 9016 unique triggers on 29 96-well plates or 8 384-well plates
  • Qiagen Mouse Transcription Factor
    1675 genes targeted by 6700 unique triggers on 18 96-well plates or 5 384-well plates
  • Ambion Human Kinase
    2130 genes targeted by 710 unique triggers on 27 96-well plates or 7 384-well plates

General information on the Qiagen siRNA libraries is available from the Qiagen web site or the Ambion web site

Small molecule libraries

The HTS facility maintains and manages the following small molecule libraries for well-by-well drug screening experiments:

  • ChemDiv Targeted Diversity set
    50,000 compounds on 143 384-well plates
  • MicroSource Spectrum
    2320 compounds on 29 96-well plates or 8 384-well plates

General information on the small molecule libraries is available from the ChemDiv web site or the MicroSource web site (links below):



Synthetic genetic array (colony macro-array) screening

The HTS facility manages a Biomatrix robot for Synthetic Genetic Array screens.