Freezer Installation and Maintenance

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Pre-installation Inspection and Move of Freezer into Facility

Shared Resource Administration will notify Facilities Engineering once the application has been reviewed and approved. The lab must then complete a work order to move a freezer in or out of the Fairview freezer facility. Timing and coordination with Facilities Engineering is essential for a smooth transition

Facility Equipment Monitoring, Calibration, Maintenance and Repair

It is Facilities Engineering's responsibility to maintain and repair the temperature alarm and monitoring system(s) and the building infrastructure, including the emergency back-up power and loaner freezers.

Occupants are responsible for maintaining their own freezers, individual probes and monitoring equipment for their freezers, and complying with the requirements of this policy. The cost of repairs and/or replacement of temperature and monitoring probes/equipment, compressors, gaskets, freezers, etc. shall be the occupant's responsibility.

Facilities Engineering can provide a loaner freezer to use during defrost or in the event of a freezer failure to use while repairs or replacements are being arranged. Use must be coordinated with Facilities Engineering and Shared Resources. Four weeks is the MAXIMUM length of time for use unless Facilities Engineering has been contacted via work order and are waiting for parts to arrive, vendors to complete repairs or a new freezer to arrive. Use beyond this period will result in a “rental” fee charged per week.


If you want to purchase and install a freezer in your lab or in space other than the Fairview facility, Facilities Engineering can do an inspection and make recommendations for an appropriate space and installation.