Fairview Freezer Facility

Contact phone: (206)-667-2141
Contact e-mail: freezers@fredhutch.org

Our current shared freezer facility is located on the first floor of the Fairview building in South Lake Union. This facility has secured access by keycard and is monitored by Security via video cameras. Access to the Facility and request for space for a freezer is managed by Shared Resources and the facility infrastucture is maintained by Facilities Engineering. See the complete Fairview Freezer Facility Policy for details.

The facility provides space for Cryo units, -80°C ultralow, and -20°C freezers.  Chest freezers and refrigerators will not be permitted.  The principles found in Fred Hutch's Best Practices Guide for freezer maintenance and sample storage must be followed in this facility. If you need freezer space and do not own or have funds to purchase a freezer, contact Specimen Processing or Jon Digel at jdigel@fredhutch.org for -80°C or Cryo storage options. 

Getting Space in the Fairview Freezer Facility

To apply for space in the facility, fill out the Freezer Facilities Application.

Approval for occupancy will be determined by the Freezer Advisory Committee.  First priority for occupancy will be based upon:

  • Freezers that support institutional cores
  • Freezers that support peer-reviewed research
  • Freezers that support investigators who do not have a lab, but have NIH funding or other extramural-funded research
  • Freezers used for long-term sample storage with high potential for future use


(See Policy document)

  • Best practices must be followed
  • Emergency contact names and phone numbers must be up-to-date
  • All new or replacement freezers must be Stirling freezers.
  • New ultra-low freezers must be set to -70oC
  • All -20oC freezers must be scientific freezers
  • An alarm system is required on each freezer (Ekahau redundant alarm system recommended for highly valuable samples)
  • Investigator must purchase liquid N2 for freezer
  • Cost of freezer maintenance and repairs (installation, maintenance and repair) is responsibility of investigator
  • Sample inventories must be tracked by electronic inventory systems

Emergency Contact Information

During the application process, emergency contact information is requested and must include current contact information for the PI, and backup personnel.  Once occupancy has been approved by the FAC, the Facilities Engineering Emergency Contact Information sheet must be completed and posted prominently on the front of the freezer.  The PI is responsible for reviewing and updating the emergency information at least annually.  When completing the form, the temperature set point and alarm set point must be provided.  Facilities Engineering requests that the completed form be printed on yellow card stock.


Contact the Shared Resources Operations Manager at x7520 with questions regarding the application process, this policy, or the approval process.  Please contact Facilities Engineering at x4245 to arranged and coordinate moving a freezer into or out of the Fairview freezer facility.  Moving into the facility will require an approved application.