DNA Fingerprinting for Cell ID

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DNA fingerprinting is provided using STR CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) typing. DNA can be submitted for typing or the SPL/RCB can extract DNA from cells or other sources before typing. Typing results can be used to confirm cell line identity if a reference typing is provided.

CODIS technology is a human identity testing system primarily used in forensic science. The system employs the identification of STR (Short Tandem Repeat) polymorphisms at 9 or more different loci and the Amelogenin present on the sex chromosomes.  The markings are used to determine sex and distinguish between individuals.   The combination of these polymorphisms across all loci in one person is known as their “DNA fingerprint.” 

CODIS offers the highest sample identity confidence level at 99.99% (see attached document). This confidence level indicates that if two samples have the same CODIS type, it is 99.99% probable that they are from the same individual.

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