Dissertation Writer Support

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Location: Weintraub Building, B1-010
Contact phone: (206) 667-4314
Contact e-mail: library@fredhutch.org

Study Carrels

If you need a very quiet spot to work, consider the library's 1M level study carrels.  The library's second floor study room boasts six, extra-wide carrels with convenient power access, task lighting and a good Wi-Fi signal.  Hutch badge holders have 24-hour access to the room.  We do not take reservations-- each carrel is first-come/first-served.  Eating and drinking is permitted. 

Electronic Dissertation Hosting and Binding of Physical Copies


Depositing an electronic version of your dissertation into Fred Hutch’s institutional repository (IR) will give your paper a permanent online home, searchable and discoverable via an international system of academic library repositories and federated search mechanisms.  If you would like an embargo placed on the release of your electronic dissertation (to protect unpublished datea until papers are publised) or would prefer to restrict access to our campus only, let us know and we can set that up in our repository. 

To deposit your dissertation with us, submit a PDF copy of your completed dissertation to the library. You can email this to us if it is under 15 mb, or you can stop by the library in person with a thumb drive and transfer it to us.  Please submit a signed copy of our authorization form.

Binding of Personal Copies

If you would like personal bound copies of your dissertation, you can send your pdf to the Trappist Abbey Bookbindery in Oregon.  You can view their binding options here.