Dietary Recalls

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The 24-hour dietary recall is an in-depth interview that collects detailed information on all foods and beverages consumed by a participant during the previous 24 hours. These recalls are best administered unannounced (not scheduled on a specific day) so that participants do not change their eating habits in anticipation of the interview.

Trained and certified Nutrition Assessment Shared Resource (NASR) staff conduct recalls over the telephone and enter data directly into the University of Minnesota’s Nutrition Data System for Research (NDSR) software. This interactive software prompts the interviewer to probe for detailed information about specific quantities, brand names and cooking methods for each food. The accuracy of the recall is highly dependent upon participant memory and the communication skills of both the participant and the interviewer. For this reason, NASR interviewers are specially trained to effectively probe for information using neutral and non-leading questions. It is suggested that all participants receive a serving size estimation booklet prior to the call.

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