Cytokine Measurements (Immunoassays)

Contact: Rick Lawler
Location: Thomas building, DE-554
Contact phone: (206) 667-5235
Contact fax: (206) 667-6845
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Cytokine Analysis can measure cytokines and other human biological modulators in human biological samples and cell culture samples. We provide access to equipment for state of the art immunoassays including Luminex and ELISA assays.

Which cytokine assays are  available?

We are set up to measure approximately 50 of the most commonly assayed human cytokines.  All assays are run in duplicate, most using Luminex microbead technology and a few by standard ELISA.  Most of the interleukins, TNF alpha, IFN gamma, and several other common cytokines are available.  The complete list of cytokines assays can be found on our iLab page when you request an assay. If the cytokine you wish analyzed is not on the list, please contact Jianhong Cao at (206) 667-6455. See our cost sheet for internal users of this service.

Please note that this is not a “clinical” or “certified” laboratory.  Data from this lab should be used for research purpose only.

Sample preparation and delivery.

Human blood specimen collection, processing, and storage conditions are critical to the accuracy of these assays.  Each investigator must review the relevant scientific literature in their field to arrive at the best way to process blood samples for their particular study.  Both serum and plasma samples are commonly used to measure cytokines in the blood.  EDTA is one of the most commonly used blood anticoagulants and should not interfere with the measurement of most cytokines.