Clinical Vector Development

Location: Thomas Building, D1-171
Contact phone: (206) 667-4425
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We provide development, production, and quality control of clinical-grade virus vectors that can be used to genetically modifiy primary cells for clinical protocols. Our experience enables us to design the most appropriate lentivirus vector constructs, that can be used to efficiently transduce cell lines and primary cells. We estimate a turn-around time of 4 months to validate the construct and schedule production. Note: In the future, we will expand this service to include other virus vectors.

Production of the virus vector is done in collaboration with the cGMP facilities in the Biologics Production core.

If you would like to discuss your project, contact Hans-Peter Kiem at (206) 667-4425 or Brian Beard at 667-5984.

Doing Business with Clinical Vector Process Development (CVPD)

Thomas Building, D1-171
(206) 667-4425