Biohazardous Waste Processing

Location: DE-417
Contact phone: (206) 667-5429
Contact e-mail:

biohazard symbolBiohazardous waste is processed through a centralized facility in DE-417. Laboratory personnel should consult the EH&S Hazard Awareness and Management Manual; Chapter VI- Hazardous Waste Directory for specific instructions. All waste is to be delivered directly to the site for processing.

The following summarizes general processing guidelines.

  • Waste must be submitted in FHCRC approved bags. The following options meet established standards:

    Source Item Size Temp
    biohazard bags with
    12" x 24"
    24" x 30"
    24" x 36"
    141° C
  • Large bags should not be filled more than half-way. All bags should be securely tied at the top to prevent contents from spilling, while leaving air space at the top of each to allow for a 5 inch grip. Each bag must be labeled with the following information: date and room #.

  • All bags are to be deposited into the red covered holding containers located at the processing site (DE-417). Sharps containers are left outside the lab for Housekeeping to pick-up and not taken to Biohazard. Lab personnel are required to log-in the waste in the log book provided at the staging area and provide information regarding the contents of each bag.

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