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Participant Screening and Consenting

Biospecimen acquisition of remnant portions of routine clinical specimens (pathology and lab medicine) and of protocol specific prospectively obtained specimens. NWBT staff work with each researcher to tailor procurement to fit the need of each study.   

Examples of biospecimens requested are:

  • Surgical tissue and blood samples at UWMC
  • Clinical biopsy samples and blood draws at SCCA
  • Residual blood samples from clinical draws that would otherwise be discarded
  • De-identified formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues
  • Samples in Consortium repositories
  • Specimen Annotation including diagnostic and clinical history as well as detailed pathology annotations

The NWBiotrust team works with the Fred Hutch Comp Med PDX (patient-derived xenograft) to expand the availiblity of samples available to researchers. Contact Elizabeth Cromwell at

If you are a researcher interested in requesting tissue or blood samples for your studies, please e-mail

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