An update on testosterone, HDL and cardiovascular risk in men.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Clinical lipidology, Volume 10, Issue 3, p.251-258 (2015)


Testosterone prescriptions have risen steadily and sharply in the USA despite a lack of clear understanding of the relationship between androgens and cardiovascular disease. In men with increasing age, testosterone levels decline and cardiovascular disease risk goes up. Ties between hypogonadism and cardiovascular disease are suggested by observational data, yet therapy with testosterone replacement has not been shown to mitigate that risk. To the contrary, recent literature has raised concern for increased cardiovascular disease in certain groups of men receiving testosterone therapy. In this article, we review current literature in an attempt to better understand what it suggests is the true relationship between testosterone and cardiovascular disease. We also take a closer look at effects of testosterone on lipids and HDL in particular, to see if this explains the cardiovascular effects seen in clinical studies.