Tumor Treating Fields in Neuro-Oncological Practice.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Current oncology reports, Volume 19, Issue 8, p.53 (2017)


Electric fields are known to produce biological effects. Depending on specific frequency, they can stimulate healing, directly damage tissues, or produce anti-mitotic activity. Frequencies of 100-300 KHz have been shown to disrupt mitosis and lead to cellular death. Growth of cancer cell lines, both in vitro and in vivo, was shown to be inhibited by application of the electric fields. In the clinical setting, electric fields are available for treatment of brain tumors, specifically glioblastoma (GBM), through a portable device producing so-called tumor treating fields (TTF). Clinical trials conducted in patients with recurrent and newly diagnosed GBM indicated that this novel treatment modality is active and associated with minimal toxicity. This manuscript will review the available evidence supporting the use of TTF in neuro-oncologic practice.