Trans-palmitoleic acid, metabolic risk factors, and new-onset diabetes in U.S. adults: a cohort study.

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Journal Article


Annals of internal medicine, Volume 153, Issue 12, p.790-9 (2010)


2010, Adiposity, Aged, C-Reactive Protein, Center-Authored Paper, CHOLESTEROL, Cholesterol, HDL, Dairy Products, Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2, Fatty Acids, Monounsaturated, Female, Food Habits, Humans, Incidence, Insulin Resistance, Male, Prospective Studies, Public Health Sciences Division, Risk Factors, Triglycerides, United States


Palmitoleic acid (cis-16:1n-7), which is produced by endogenous fat synthesis, has been linked to both beneficial and deleterious metabolic effects, potentially confounded by diverse determinants and tissue sources of endogenous production. Trans-palmitoleate (trans-16:1n-7) represents a distinctly exogenous source of 16:1n-7, unconfounded by endogenous synthesis or its determinants, that may be uniquely informative.