Topograph, a software platform for precursor enrichment corrected global protein turnover measurements.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP (2012)


August 2012, Public Health Sciences Division


Defects in protein turnover have been implicated in a broad range of diseases, but current proteomics methods of measuring protein turnover are limited by the software tools available. Conventional methods require indirect approaches to differentiate newly synthesized protein when synthesized from partially labeled precursor pools. To address this, we have developed Topograph, a software platform which calculates the fraction of peptides that are from newly synthesized proteins and their turnover rates. A unique feature of Topograph is the ability to calculate amino acid precursor pool enrichment levels which allows for accurate calculations when the precursor pool is not fully labeled, and the approach used by Topograph is applicable regardless of the stable isotope label used. We validate the Topograph algorithms using data acquired from a mouse labeling experiment and demonstrate the influence that precursor pool corrections can have on protein turnover measurements.