Tetramer guided, cell sorter assisted production of clinical grade autologous NY-ESO-1 specific CD8(+) T cells.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Journal for immunotherapy of cancer, Volume 2, Issue 1, p.36 (2014)


2014, Cell Processing Core Facility, Center-Authored Paper, Clinical Research Division, Consortium Authored Paper, Flow Cytometry Core Facility, Immune Monitoring Core Facility, Research Trials Office Core Facility - Biostatistics Service


Adoptive T cell therapy represents an attractive modality for the treatment of patients with cancer. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells have been used as a source of antigen specific T cells but the very low frequency of T cells recognizing commonly expressed antigens such as NY-ESO-1 limit the applicability of this approach to other solid tumors. To overcome this, we tested a strategy combining IL-21 modulation during in vitro stimulation with first-in-class use of tetramer-guided cell sorting to generate NY-ESO-1 specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL).