Single Step Isolation and Activation of Primary CD3(+) T Lymphocytes Using Alcohol-Dispersed Electrospun Magnetic Nanofibers.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Nano letters, Volume 12, Issue 8, p.4018-24 (2012)


August 2012, Clinical Research Division


Electrospun polymer nanofibers with entrapped magnetic nanoparticles (magnetic NP-NF) represent a novel scaffold substrate that can be functionalized for single-step isolation and activation of specific lymphocyte subsets. Using a surface-embedded T cell receptor ligand/trigger (anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody), we demonstrate, as proof of principle, the use of magnetic NP-NF to specifically isolate, enrich, and activate CD3(+) T cells from a heterogeneous cell mixture, leading to preferential expansion of CD8(+)CD3(+) T cells. The large surface area, adjustable antibody density, and embedded paramagnetic properties of the NP-NF permitted enhanced activation and expansion; its use represents a strategy that is amenable to an efficient selection process for adoptive cellular therapy as well as for the isolation of other cellular subsets for downstream translational applications.