Should the 7th edition of the lung cancer stage classification system change treatment algorithms in non-small cell lung cancer?

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Journal Article


Journal of thoracic oncology : official publication of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer, Volume 5, Issue 11, p.1779-83 (2010)


2010, Algorithms, Carcinoma, Non-Small-Cell Lung, Center-Authored Paper, Humans, Lung Neoplasms, Lymphatic Metastasis, Neoplasm Staging, Prognosis, Public Health Sciences Division


Approximately 10 to 15% of non-small cell lung cancer patients will be assigned a stage classification according to the 7th edition of TNM that differs from that assigned by the 6th edition (the "stage shifters"). This apparent upstaging or downstaging of tumors may affect patient management, as many clinicians formulate stage-based management strategies. However, the staging system revision was not designed to evaluate treatment, and attempts to make parallel adjustments in treatment plans may not be justified.