Risk factors for breast cancer in women biopsied for benign breast disease: a nested case-control study.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Cancer epidemiology, Volume 34, Issue 1, p.34-9 (2010)


2010, Adult, Age Factors, Biopsy, Breast Diseases, Breast Neoplasms, Case-Control Studies, Center-Authored Paper, Cohort Studies, Female, Humans, Menarche, Menopause, Middle Aged, Parity, PREGNANCY, Public Health Sciences Division, Risk Factors


Women with a history of benign breast disease are at increased risk of subsequent breast cancer. However, few studies have examined whether established breast cancer risk factors other than histology are associated with an altered risk of breast cancer in women with benign breast disease. We used a nested case-control design within a large, multi-center cohort of women biopsied for benign breast disease (BBD) to estimate odds ratios for breast cancer in association with exposure to a range of personal and lifestyle factors.