Promoting changes in obesogenic behaviors: does coworker social support play a role?

Publication Type:

Journal Article


American journal of health promotion : AJHP, Volume 29, Issue 5, p.311-3 (2015)


PURPOSE: To examine the association between worksite social support and changes in diet, physical activity, and body mass index (BMI).

DESIGN: Cohort analysis of an underlying randomized, controlled weight gain prevention worksite trial: Promoting Activity and Changes in Eating.

SETTING: The trial occurred in the greater Seattle area.

SUBJECTS: Baseline and follow-up data were obtained on a nested cohort of employees (n = 958-1078) from 33 small- to medium-sized worksites.

MEASURES: Worksite social support, diet, physical activity, and BMI measures were assessed using a self-reported questionnaire.

ANALYSIS: To adjust for multilevel data and multiple time points, we used generalized estimating equations and logistic mixed models.

RESULTS: Higher baseline worksite social support was associated with greater changes in fruit and vegetable intake (p = .001; summary food-frequency questions).

CONCLUSION: This study does not support a conclusive relationship between worksite social support and health behavior change.