Membrane action of DMSO and other chemical inducers of Friend leukaemic cell differentiation.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Nature, Volume 262, Issue 5567, p.361-3 (1976)


Anesthetics, Local, Animals, Cations, Divalent, Cell Differentiation, Cell Line, Cell Membrane, Chemistry, Physical, Cryoprotective Agents, Dimethyl Sulfoxide, Leukemia, Experimental, Methylurea Compounds, Phosphatidylglycerols, Phospholipids, Physicochemical Phenomena, Temperature


DMSO and other cryoprotective agents produce a pronounced increase on the phase transition temperature of phospholipid membranes, indicating an increased stability. The effects of DMSO and other cryoprotective agents, divalent cations, and local anaesthetics on the transition temperature of phospholipid membranes seem to correlate with their effects on the differentiation of Friend leukaemic cells in vitro. These studies suggest that the induction of differentiation by cryoprotective agents may be the result of the interaction of these agents with cell membranes.