Maximizing Value Through Innovations in Radiologist-Driven Communications in Breast Imaging.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


AJR. American journal of roentgenology, p.1-5 (2017)


OBJECTIVE: The purposes of this article are to provide an overview of current and emerging practices in radiologist communications with both referring physicians and patients across the breast cancer care continuum; to highlight areas in which radiologist-driven communications can improve value in breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment; and describe how the integrative reporting and consultative practices of breast imagers can serve as models of higher-value patient-centered care in other radiology subspecialties.

CONCLUSION: The traditional radiology report will eventually no longer be viewed as the sole consultation by radiologists but instead act as a starting point for more detailed communications between radiologists and both patients and physicians. The value-creating practices of breast imagers can be used as a road map for similar practices across other radiologic specialties, similar to the use of BI-RADS as a road map for structured breast imaging reporting.