Lymphatic mapping and sentinel node biopsy in the patient with breast cancer.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


JAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association, Volume 276, Issue 22, p.1818-22 (1996)


Axilla, Biopsy, Breast Neoplasms, Carcinoma, Ductal, Breast, Carcinoma, Lobular, Coloring Agents, Female, Humans, Intraoperative Period, Lymph Node Excision, Lymphatic Metastasis, Probability, Prospective Studies, Sensitivity and Specificity, Technetium Tc 99m Sulfur Colloid


To identify the sentinel lymph node(s) (SLN[s]) (the first node[s] draining the primary tumor in the regional lymphatic basin) in patients with invasive breast cancer and to test the hypothesis that the histologic characteristics of the SLN predict the histologic characteristics of the remaining lymph nodes in the axilla.