Immunization with cocktail of HIV-derived peptides in montanide ISA-51 is immunogenic, but causes sterile abscesses and unacceptable reactogenicity.

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Journal Article


PloS one, Volume 5, Issue 8, p.e11995 (2010)


2010, Abscess, Adolescent, Adult, Antibody Formation, Center-Authored Paper, Female, Freund's Adjuvant, HIV-1, Humans, Immunization, Male, Mannitol, Middle Aged, Oleic Acids, Peptides, T-Lymphocytes, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, Vaccines, Subunit, Young Adult


A peptide vaccine was produced containing B and T cell epitopes from the V3 and C4 Envelope domains of 4 subtype B HIV-1 isolates (MN, RF, CanO, & Ev91). The peptide mixture was formulated as an emulsion in incomplete Freund's adjuvant (IFA).