Humoral immunomodulatory effect of influenza vaccine in potential blood donors: implications for transfusion safety.

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Journal Article


Transfusion medicine (Oxford, England), Volume 21, Issue 6, p.378-84 (2011)


2011, ABO Blood-Group System, Antibodies, Blood Donors, Blood Safety, Blood Transfusion, Center-Authored Paper, Female, HLA Antigens, Humans, Immunity, Humoral, Immunologic Factors, Influenza Vaccines, Male, Oct 11, PREGNANCY, Public Health Sciences Division, Sex Factors


Generalised immune stimulation may follow vaccination causing increased antibody titres of nonvaccine-related antibodies or bystander antibodies, including those to human leukocyte antigens (HLA) and ABO blood group antigens. HLA antibodies may lead to transfusion-related acute lung injury. High-titre ABO antibodies may cause acute haemolytic transfusion reactions after plasma-incompatible platelet transfusion. It is unknown if these antibodies can be stimulated by vaccination in otherwise normal subjects.