The Health Technology Assessment-disease management instrument reliably measured methodologic quality of health technology assessments of disease management.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Journal of clinical epidemiology, Volume 57, Issue 9, p.881-8 (2004)


Disease Management, Health Services Research, Humans, Quality Assurance, Health Care, Reproducibility of Results, Research Design, Review Literature as Topic, Technology Assessment, Biomedical


Systematic reviews aim to summarize the evidence in a particular topic area, giving attention to the identified methodologic quality of published research. Because research in a specific area may be susceptible to specific biases, it is assumed that the methodologic quality of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) of disease management cannot properly be measured with the existing methodologic quality assessment instruments. The purpose of this study was to describe to what extent existing instruments are useful in assessing the methodologic quality of HTA of disease management.