Genital Inflammation Predicts HIV-1 Shedding Independent of Plasma Viral Load and Systemic Inflammation.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes (1999), Volume 61, Issue 4, p.436-40 (2012)


2012, August 2012, Center-Authored Paper, Human Biology Division, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division


ABSTRACT:: In women, genital HIV-1 RNA levels predict the risk of HIV-1 transmission independent of plasma viral load. To better understand the factors that contribute to genital HIV-1 shedding, we evaluated the relationships between genital and plasma cytokine concentrations and HIV-1 RNA levels. Vaginal, but not plasma, levels of interferon gamma-induced protein 10 (IP-10) were significantly associated with vaginal viral load, independent of plasma viral load. Thus, efforts to decrease HIV-1 transmission must take into account the role of local inflammation, which is not necessarily reflected in plasma measurements.