Genital herpes has played a more important role than any other sexually transmitted infection in driving HIV prevalence in Africa.

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Journal Article


PloS one, Volume 3, Issue 5, p.e2230 (2008)


2008, Africa, Center-Authored Paper, Clinical Research Division, Epidemiology Core Facility, Herpes Genitalis, HIV Infections, HIV Seroprevalence, Humans, Shared Resources, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Institute


Extensive evidence from observational studies suggests a role for genital herpes in the HIV epidemic. A number of herpes vaccines are under development and several trials of the efficacy of HSV-2 treatment with acyclovir in reducing HIV acquisition, transmission, and disease progression have just reported their results or will report their results in the next year. The potential impact of these interventions requires a quantitative assessment of the magnitude of the synergy between HIV and HSV-2 at the population level.