Frequencies of IL10 SNP genotypes by multiplex PCR-SSP and their association with viral load and CD4 counts in HIV-1-infected Thais.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Asian Pacific journal of allergy and immunology / launched by the Allergy and Immunology Society of Thailand, Volume 29, Issue 1, p.94-101 (2011)


2011, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division


Interleukin (IL)-10 is an immunoregulatory cytokine, levels of which can be influenced by single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the promoter. Some, but not all previous studies have shown associations of IL10 SNPs with HIV-1 disease progression, using markers such as viral load or CD4 count. There are few data on IL10 SNP frequencies and HIV-1 disease in regions where non-B HIV-1 subtypes predominate.