Evaluation of an intensive strategy for follow-up and surveillance of primary breast cancer.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Annals of surgical oncology, Volume 5, Issue 6, p.522-8 (1998)


Breast Neoplasms, Cancer Care Facilities, Continuity of Patient Care, Florida, Hospitals, University, Humans, Multivariate Analysis, Neoplasm Recurrence, Local, Practice Guidelines as Topic, Proportional Hazards Models, RECURRENCE, Regression Analysis, Survival Analysis


Controversies over the frequency and intensity of the follow-up care of breast cancer patients exist. Some physicians have adopted an intensive approach to follow-up care that consists of frequent laboratory tests and routine imaging studies, including chest radiographs, bone scans, and CT scans, whereas others have established a minimalist approach consisting of only history, physical examinations, and mammograms.