ERG Activates the YAP1 Transcriptional Program and Induces the Development of Age-Related Prostate Tumors.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Cancer cell, Volume 27, Issue 6, p.797-808 (2015)


The significance of ERG in human prostate cancer is unclear because mouse prostate is resistant to ERG-mediated transformation. We determined that ERG activates the transcriptional program regulated by YAP1 of the Hippo signaling pathway and found that prostate-specific activation of either ERG or YAP1 in mice induces similar transcriptional changes and results in age-related prostate tumors. ERG binds to chromatin regions occupied by TEAD/YAP1 and transactivates Hippo target genes. In addition, in human luminal-type prostate cancer cells, ERG binds to the promoter of YAP1 and is necessary for YAP1 expression. These results provide direct genetic evidence of a causal role for ERG in prostate cancer and reveal a connection between ERG and the Hippo signaling pathway.