Does neighborhood walkability moderate the effects of intrapersonal characteristics on amount of walking in post-menopausal women?

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Health & place, Volume 21, p.39-45 (2013)


2013, March 2013, Public Health Sciences Division


This study identifies factors associated with walking among postmenopausal women and tests whether neighborhood walkability moderates the influence of intrapersonal factors on walking. We used data from the Women's Health Initiative Seattle Center and linear regression models to estimate associations and interactions. Being white and healthy, having a high school education or beyond and greater non-walking exercise were significantly associated with more walking. Neighborhood walkability was not independently associated with greater walking, nor did it moderate influence of intrapersonal factors on walking. Specifying types of walking (e.g., for transportation) can elucidate the relationships among intrapersonal factors, the built environment, and walking.