Development, preliminary usability and accuracy testing of the EBMT 'eGVHD App' to support GvHD assessment according to NIH criteria-a proof of concept.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Bone marrow transplantation, Volume 51, Issue 8, p.1062-5 (2016)


The EBMT Complications and Quality of Life Working Party has developed a computer-based algorithm, the 'eGVHD App', using a user-centered design process. Accuracy was tested using a quasi-experimental crossover design with four expert-reviewed case vignettes in a convenience sample of 28 clinical professionals. Perceived usefulness was evaluated by the technology acceptance model (TAM) and User satisfaction by the Post-Study System Usability Questionnaire (PSSUQ). User experience was positive, with a median of 6 TAM points (interquartile range: 1) and beneficial median total, and subscale PSSUQ scores. The initial standard practice assessment of the vignettes yielded 65% correct results for diagnosis and 45% for scoring. The 'eGVHD App' significantly increased diagnostic and scoring accuracy to 93% (+28%) and 88% (+43%), respectively (both P<0.05). The same trend was observed in the repeated analysis of case 2: accuracy improved by using the App (+31% for diagnosis and +39% for scoring), whereas performance tended to decrease once the App was taken away. The 'eGVHD App' could dramatically improve the quality of care and research as it increased the performance of the whole user group by about 30% at the first assessment and showed a trend for improvement of individual performance on repeated case evaluation.