Cutaneous chronic graft-versus-host disease does not have the abnormal endothelial phenotype or vascular rarefaction characteristic of systemic sclerosis.

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Journal Article


PloS one, Volume 4, Issue 7, p.e6203 (2009)


2009, Center-Authored Paper, Chronic Disease, Clinical Research Division, Endothelium, Graft vs Host Disease, Humans, PHENOTYPE, Scientific Imaging Core Facility, Scleroderma, Systemic, Shared Resources, Skin Diseases, Specimen Processing Core Facility


The clinical and histologic appearance of fibrosis in cutaneous lesions in chronic graft-versus -host disease (c-GVHD) resembles the appearance of fibrosis in scleroderma (SSc). Recent studies identified distinctive structural changes in the superficial dermal microvasculature and matrix of SSc skin. We compared the dermal microvasculature in human c-GVHD to SSc to determine if c-GVHD is a suitable model for SSc.