Conference Scene: Neuro-oncology: a selected review of ASCO 2013 abstracts.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


CNS oncology, Volume 2, Issue 5, p.407-11 (2013)


2013, August 2014, Clinical Research Division


ASCO 2013 Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, USA, 31 May-4 June 2013 The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) is the largest clinical oncology meeting in the USA that meets annually, and is an exciting forum in which new cancer clinical trials and research data are presented. The ASCO 2013 CNS tumors section comprising of 3 days of posters, oral presentations and over 100 abstracts provided a current overview of neuro-oncology, including both metastatic diseases of the CNS, as well as primary brain tumors. This brief overview selectively highlights presentations featured at this year's meeting in a manner that will hopefully provide a portrait of a large and multifaceted meeting.