Comprehensive Mapping of HIV-1 Escape from a Broadly Neutralizing Antibody.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Cell host & microbe, Volume 21, Issue 6, p.777-787.e4 (2017)


Genomics Core Facility


Precisely defining how viral mutations affect HIV's sensitivity to antibodies is vital to develop and evaluate vaccines and antibody immunotherapeutics. Despite great effort, a full map of escape mutants has not been delineated for an anti-HIV antibody. We describe a massively parallel experimental approach to quantify how all single amino acid mutations to HIV Envelope (Env) affect neutralizing antibody sensitivity in the context of replication-competent virus. We apply this approach to PGT151, a broadly neutralizing antibody recognizing a combination of Env residues and glycans. We confirm sites previously defined by structural and functional studies and reveal additional sites of escape, such as positively charged mutations in the antibody-Env interface. Evaluating the effect of each amino acid at each site lends insight into biochemical mechanisms of escape throughout the epitope, highlighting roles for charge-charge repulsions. Thus, comprehensively mapping HIV antibody escape gives a quantitative, mutation-level view of Env evasion of neutralization.