Comparison of the Simplexa FluA/B & RSV Direct Assay and Laboratory-Developed Real-Time PCR Assays for Detection of Respiratory Virus.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Journal of clinical microbiology, Volume 51, Issue 11, p.3883-5 (2013)


2013, Center-Authored Paper, Clinical Research Division, October 2013, Public Health Sciences Division


The results of the Focus Simplexa FluA/B & RSV Direct assay were compared to those of laboratory-developed reverse transcription PCR tests for 498 nasopharyngeal swabs. Concordance rates were 96.6% (476/493; κ = 0.91), 97.6% (481/493; κ = 0.47), and 99.2% (488/492; κ = 0.94) for influenza A, influenza B, and respiratory syncytial virus, respectively.