Case-control study of fetal microchimerism and breast cancer.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


PloS one, Volume 3, Issue 3, p.e1706 (2008)


2008, Adult, Basic Sciences Division, Breast Neoplasms, Case-Control Studies, Center-Authored Paper, Chimerism, Clinical Research Division, Collaborative Data Services Core Facility, DNA, Neoplasm, Epidemiology Core Facility, Female, Fetus, Humans, Male, Middle Aged, Neoplasm Invasiveness, Polymerase Chain Reaction, PREGNANCY, Prognosis, Public Health Sciences Division, Research Trials Office Core Facility - Biostatistics Service, Risk Factors, Shared Resources, Specimen Processing Core Facility


Prior pregnancy is known to protect against development of breast cancer. Recent studies have demonstrated that pregnancy has the capacity to establish small numbers of immunologically active fetal-derived cells in the mother, a phenomenon known as fetal microchimerism (FMc). We asked whether presence of FMc, routinely acquired during pregnancy, is a protective factor for breast cancer.