Breast cancer issues in developing countries: an overview of the Breast Health Global Initiative.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


World journal of surgery, Volume 32, Issue 12, p.2578-85 (2008)


2008, Breast Neoplasms, Center-Authored Paper, Collaborative Data Services Core Facility, Developing Countries, Early Detection of Cancer, Female, Health Plan Implementation, Health Resources, Humans, Practice Guidelines as Topic, Public Health Sciences Division, Shared Resources, Socioeconomic Factors


Of the 411,000 breast cancer deaths around the world in 2002, 221,000 (54%) occurred in low- and middle-income countries (LMCs). Guidelines for breast health care (early detection, diagnosis, and treatment) that were developed in high-resource countries cannot be directly applied in LMCs, because these guidelines do not consider real world resource constraints, nor do they prioritize which resources are most critically needed in specific countries for care to be most effectively provided.