Associations between endogenous sex hormone levels and mammographic and bone densities in premenopausal women.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Cancer causes & control : CCC, Volume 20, Issue 7, p.1039-53 (2009)


2009, Adult, Bone Density, Center-Authored Paper, Estrogens, Female, Gonadal Steroid Hormones, Humans, Mammography, Middle Aged, Nutrition Assessment Core Facility, Premenopause, Public Health Sciences Division, Research Trials Office Core Facility - Biostatistics Service, Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin, Shared Resources


Mammographic breast and bone mineral densities (BMD) have been associated with luteal phase hormone concentrations in premenopausal women. We assessed the associations of breast and bone densities with follicular phase hormones and sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) in premenopausal women, given that follicular phase hormones have been shown to be positively associated with premenopausal breast cancer risk.